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Sound cuts out

Since recently upgrading to Windows 10 i've been having various issues with ESO. One of the problems i'm having is that the audio keeps cutting out for very short periods of time (like half a second). It does this every 10-30 minutes & I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

I've checked my audio drivers & they are up to date.
  • Intervein
    I had a similar issue with Win 8.1, using headphones. I simply updated my audio drivers for my motherboard; however, I would always suggest reinstalling them once just to be sure. If the problem persists go into the audio menu (right click on the volume icon) and make sure the correct playback device is set to default.

    As a last ditch effort, attempt to change the bitrate playback--this has fixed audio issues we have with Windows 10 at work.

    Good luck!
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