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I have tried to follow the steps to resolve an issue.

Soul Shriven
I have tried to send in tickets to discuss why and/or fix why my XBOX one account was banned.
I know you will close this thread but how about you HELP with some resolutions...I had to go into my PC account to place the ticket as you will tell me to do and when logging in to that, my account is banned from that site.
PC --KaelDarkreign account
So I would like a actual avenue to get this fixed.
    Soul Shriven
    To the MOD who hopefully answers. I'm not trying to start issue on the forum
    I need help getting a resolution.
    I have tried to follow the correct methods and that is a dead end
    Please help fix the frustration
  • robwolf666
    I do think it's wrong to ban an account without telling people why they were banned. Just my opinion. From what I can gather though, it does require breaching the ToS in some way, so I'd suggest for now you read through that and be honest with yourself about whether any it applies. As for asking, just keep trying Zenimax and Xbox, no one on the forums can give you that info.
  • Gamertaglemieux
    Did you cheat? Mod your Xbox? Act like a jerk?
    Queen Ayrenn build that wall around Summerset.

    Make Shimmerene great again!
    Soul Shriven
    No. My pc account was hacked, the support team helped out and got me back up and running

    So as a message to those who read though... The support group was very helpful

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