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[DC-PS4] Budding Healer looking for non-trade oriented guild

Looking for a guild that wants to run delves and PvP. Fairly active at night and in the morning (I work second shift.) A trade guild is fine if this occurs within your guild but I personally don't have much interest in spending a lot of time crafting and selling. I'm pretty alright with how my money is so until I hit endgame, I'll live.

Message me. Sin-Kytori
  • PSUgrad
    Hello! I am the leader of Demonic Uprising - a small guild in DC. We are looking to add more members to our guild to complete any and all content. Currently, we have a handful of people in the guild and several are max level waiting for the new DLC to come out.

    We're a close knit group and enjoy talking in chat and poking fun at each other all while getting content completed. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please reach out to me in-game.

    PSN: psugrad05

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