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[PC] Pandorum | PvX | Multi-Gaming | Friendly & Social

Name: Pandorum Gaming


Type: Casual/Competitive

Server: NA


*▬▬▬▬ About Us:

Pandorum Gaming was founded in 2012 on the principle of "Equality For All Gamers", we truly believe in this statement, all our members old or new are equal and will be treated that way. You will never feel like a second class citizen in our community, you truly are welcomed and appreciated it once you join into our ranks. There is no favoritism or power plays that plague other communities, we put the right person in the right job to be successful.

*▬▬▬▬ Environment:

Our environment and atmosphere is casual with a competitive mindset, we believe in playing the game/s the right way with the correct attitude, regardless of the outcome. We have a close-knit type environment that everyone gets along with one another, we don't allow any toxic or negative gamers into our ranks.

*▬▬▬▬ Games Supported:

Currently we have strong communities in Heroes of the Storm, SWTOR, D3, ArcheAge, LoL and many others, you may see the full list of supported games on our website.

*▬▬▬▬ Who we're looking for:

Competitive gamers as well as casual gamers who like to meet new people and have fun. We have very casual gamers and even e-sports players. We cater to a vast array of personalities and skillsets.

*▬▬▬▬ What makes you different?:

We were built because of other gaming communities' failure of regarding every gamer equally, if a member is accused of wrong doing his case will be brought up to our officers and only with a majority vote may that member be removed/banned. We aren't about the numbers, other communities care about having "x" amount of people on their website and/or teamspeak. We are a community built upon the members, we listen to your feedback and suggestions and implement them, everyone has a voice!

We don't have a complex ranking system, we believe that takes away from "Equality", we have simple ranks for day to day operations but beyond that you are an equal member to the community

*▬▬▬▬ How To Join:

Go to this link > http://pandorumgaming.net, register on the top right Join our teamspeak: TS.PANDORUMGAMING.NET Our staff will process your application, feel free to game with our members as you wait!

**Add Rutyshacklford in-game**
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