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I am looking for a PC guild on the EUROPEAN server for Ebonheart pact. At the moment my main is a breton healer. I am currently vr2. I like playing PvE I am not to interested in pvp tbh and I would love a guild that I do dungeons and endgame content with as I have barely done any so far. Do not be put off with my eso game experience I have been a healer for five years tackling hc and mythic content in WoW and clearing that content in the relevent tier.

I’m from scotland . I am 34 married with kids so my play time is most evenings after 8pm uk time and weekends I am pretty much on all the time

Looking for a casual guild, that does guild dungeon runs and end game content together as well as hanging out in guild chat or teamspeak/ventrillo

You can contact me in game my user id is @provos and my templar is culloden
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  • provos
    update I am willing to change faction for the right guild and I would have to level up another templar healer though as I have no alts.
  • dennis95b16_ESO
    Hi provos :smile: I own a pvp aspekted Guild (aldmeri dominion) that do pvp in all aspekts as well as dungeons,trials,arena. We do some roleplay as well if we feel up for it (the roleplayers). The Guilds is since beta and we want that our people use teamspeak 3 when we play so we can coordinate things. We aim to become better at this game and turn the Guild to a hardcore Guild :smile: and dont let the Word hardcore scare you away :wink: .
  • Aleraon
    Hi @provos , I'm an officer for the legionnaires guild. Its primarily AD although some people do have alts in other factions and its a very active guild. We do regular dungeon runs, both normal and veteran versions, Trials, and are currently tackling Imperial City. Although we like to be competitive we like to have fun while doing it as well as having a chuckle and banter in teamspeak. Its a decent guild and I've got a lot of achievements since joining it. Ages range from mid 20's to old farts like me - I'm 44 lol. Feel free to drop me a message in game at @Razum-dah.
    (EU/AD) CP501 Razum-dah - Khajiiti Templar Healer
    (EU/AD) CP501 J'Kara Silverclaw - Khajiiti Dragonknight tank
    (EU/AD) CP501 Rajhiin - Khajiiti stamina Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Draven Corvillian - Breton magicka Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Sinderian Nightflame - High Elf magicka sorcerer
    (EU/AD) CP501 J'zargo Silverclaw - Khajiit stamina Templar
    (EU/AD) CP501 Ariella Nightshade - High Elf Magicka Nightblade
    (EU/AD) CP501 Ri'shada - Khajiit Stamina Sorcerer
    (EU/AD) LVL29 Valeon Indoril - Dark Elf Magicka Dragonknight
    *The Queen stole this one's moonsugar candies lol*
  • provos
    Hi @Razum-dah. The guild sounds right up my street . I will give you a shout tonight.
    Thanks for the reply :smiley:
  • lillah
    Soul Shriven
    Imperial Sorcerer of the Ebonheart Pact
    Imperial Nightblade of the Ebonheart Pact
    Bosmer Nightblade of the Aldmeri Dominion
  • remedios17
    Hello, if you are still interested in joining a casual guild with lots of nice ppl (lots of them have kids too! haha), check us out at orderofthemagnage.guildlaunch.com, or look us up in game. :)
    Guildmaster of the Order of the Magna Ge - social guild EP EU with 200+ members from all levels, all over the world, forming a nice relaxed, friendly - and a bit crazy - community - check us out at orderofthemagnage.guildlaunch.com or whisper me in game.
  • ClearArrow
    The Adamantine Order is a friendly, very helpful social guild for AD!

    We help players of any level with all kinds of group content and have different weekly events on every day!
    Our guild is a casual but active guild full of people who are passionate about the game, wanting to complete the game to its fullest as well as getting all of those achievements!

    You can find more out about us by visiting our thread or taking a look at our website!
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