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Any tips as to abilities to take?

At the moment, I'm using destruction staff and light armor, and I think I'll be interested in getting woodworking and clothing, and possibly enchanting and provisioning.
But I'm not too sure about it. Well, I mean, I'm not sure which skills I should take. How many crafting lines do people usually take, and which ones specifically(weapons/armor or other things like provisioning, alchemy, and enchanting)? Also, which passives are usually taken?
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  • Sunburnt_Penguin
    I'm in a small guild and they all ensured that one player was essentially the master crafter for each of the disciplines due to time and efficient use of skill points. Although people have obviously invested some skill points in to other disciplines so that they can be somewhat self-sufficient.

    I'm looking to create my own medium armour (I just like the concept of wearing my own creations) so I'm focusing on clothing but whenever I do an 'inspiration run' and collect gear to deconstruct, I just pick up everything I find. The wierd thing is, even though I'm focusing on clothing, woodworking and blacksmithing aren't far behind.

    My skill points in clothing are in:
    - Tailoring and I increase this according to my level range
    - Hirelings as they're handy and often give me rare items
    - Unraveling because other wise I could be losing items when deconstructing.
    - Stitching to reduce research times and allows 2 items to be researched at a time but I've only put one in this as I'm running low on traits on research.

    Once I get high enough in my clothing level I will put skill points in to the tanning ones but I don't have any skill points in any other disciplines. For me, I don't need to worry about the keen eye skill because all of my materials come from deconstruction but this would be handy for alchemy and enchanting where your main source is from the world.

    If you have multiple characters and you're low on spare skill points then you could always split the disciplines like our guild does.

    Hope this helps

  • Mansome
    I would definitely say take the hirelings and the extraction passives. Keep in mind however until you are 3/3 on the extraction you will not get gold items at all. Until you get to that point I would either suggest stock piling it all until then or give to a trust worthy friend who is 3/3 in the passives and have them extract and give you what comes out of that. This is so you dont miss out on the golds that would be generating from this. Researching I would say put at least 1 point in it so you can do 2 at once. You will need to tweak the way you research. Just do one from each item slot to research, then do another trait once you have gotten them all done at least once. The reason for this is the research time doubles every time you research something in the same slot. To get more slots done in a shorter amount of time its best to rotate the slots before going back to the original slot.
  • Acsvf
    Mansome wrote: »
    The reason for this is the research time doubles every time you research something in the same slot.
    How does research time work exactly? Do the times increase between different items? Or is it double with each trait on one type of item?
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    Lightarray Level 50 Dunmer Magicka Templar Healer

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  • Johngo0036
    I split crafting over to Characters,

    One does Enchanting, provisioning and alchemy,

    The other does blacksmith, clothing and woodworking,

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  • MrTarkanian48
    For simplicity's sake, I decided to have my main be my crafter for all professions. I have each crafting skill maxed out, and still have enough skill points to have 2H and Bow maxed, but I have picked up almost all skyshards in the game to do this.

    On my 2nd character I plan on only leveling provisioning and alchemy since the extended duration passives for potions and food/drink are very helpful.

    I think hireling is beneficial for Enchanting and Provisioning, but have skipped it for blacksmith/clothier/woodworking. I feel like I get enough materials farming craglorn occasionally, and deconstructing blue and purple items that drop. I heard that the hirelings don't provide too many gold quality items, but cannot confirm this personally.

    I would say temper/tannin/resin expertise are extremely valuable for improving your gear as efficiently as possible. The extraction passive is also important to get the most out of refining and deconstructing materials. I maxed the research passives in order to complete research in all areas asap. Someday when I am done with research I'll just respec and have 12 points to use somewhere else

    What I like about having 1 dedicated crafter is that now on my second character I can focus completely on other skills and not worry about leveling most crafting professions. On this character I plan on having 3-4 weapon skill lines maxed in order to switch easily between destro/restro/sword and shield/DW.

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  • SaltyWorley
    I'd say you want to focus on the things you'll be using. If you're a magic user, definitely clothing. Woodworking is the obvious choice for magic users, but if you're going for maximum spell damage, you'll want to either dual wield or use two handed, both of which necessitate blacksmithing. Enchanting is useful for all of those, so it's an obvious one. I would pick one from provisioning and alchemy so you have things to boost you in combat.

    You don't need the passives that improve your ability to increase item quality (white -> green, green -> blue, etc) using less upgrade items until the end. You're mostly going to be swapping out things every few levels - no reason to improve anything to purple or gold. Keen eye you don't need at all as long as you bother to look around and take everything you see.

    Hirelings are useful. The others, you just put points into as necessary. When you need to craft out of a material and don't have the ability, put points in so you can make it. All of the extractions are extremely vital.

    The research stuff I'm not sold on. If you want to make a set of clothes that requires a lot of traits, maybe. If you're not going for that, I question the relevance of upgrading it. It seems useful only for making certain sets, and I'm not sure they're better than sets that require less traits.
  • jackiemanuel
    All of them. I turned my main toon into a dedicated crafter and started alts for combat. It takes extra time but is totally worth it if you intend on playing eso over the long haul.
  • CadenceRowan
    On my main I started out with woodworking, clothing, alchemy and enchanting, and leveled as I played through because those were the most useful skills for me. As far as the passives go, I think you will be able to figure out what is useful to you based on how you are using your crafting (and based on what has already been said here :smile: ). I would recommend researching though - better to start now than to realize later on that you need it.

    I have an alt that I made into a provisioner - provisioning requires keeping a lot of ingredients around. Once my alt was a master provisioner, and I had most of my other skills maxed on my main, I started leveling provisioning on my main as well, since my alt had lots of recipes and ingredients to fulfill crafting writs.

    I recently started leveling blacksmithing on my main as well, by reseraching, deconning and refining - I have not put any points into it except one extra for research. It really has not taken that long to get to level 40, and this way if I do decide I want blacksmithing, I can just add the skill points I want.
  • Drax76
    Acsvf wrote: »
    Mansome wrote: »
    The reason for this is the research time doubles every time you research something in the same slot.
    How does research time work exactly? Do the times increase between different items? Or is it double with each trait on one type of item?

    @Acsvf The time doubles for each trait learned to a single item of gear minus any reduction from skill points spent on the research perk for that craft.
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  • Brrrofski
    I've maxed 5 on my main, then alchemy on my alt.

    There's enough skillpoints in the game to probably do 6 on 1 toon once you know which skills and passives you actually need for combat.
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