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Add-On Group Tool

Does anyone know if there is "Looking for Group" Tool as add-on which is better then the group search tool in the game ?
  • AkeGamer
    No but we need one badly. Because the in game tool requires you to sit and wait on that "screen" no one has ever made good use of it. If the whole community dove in and used it, then there wouldn't be much "idle" time waiting. As it is, the current design is a barrier to adoption, because no one wants to sit around waiting. Why it can't work in the background is beyond me.

    We should look at tools like OpenRaid (Now part of for examples of how a community centric tool can operate.
  • Oddball666
    Hope they do something about the tool. Just finished questing and now moving on to Cyrodill and Craglorn. I run around for hours mining and picking up stuff waiting to find someone - most of the time - no luck. And when you type LFG - nobody responds . Very frustrating
  • Ayantir
    It's almost impossible to do without any API help gived by ZOS.
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