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So I have a sor i keep seeing people post about a shield attack that we have to block attacks. Now I have seen enemy mages cast a shield like barrier can someone tell me the name of the spell and what skill set is it under.
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  • Thelon
    Hardened Ward - The final skill in the Daedric Summoning tree.
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  • Bowdowntogreatness
    O okay thanks @Thelon now I'll be looking out for that
    What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger
  • Kuratius
    There is a joke to be made about flying saucers...
  • Van_0S
    No caps, its already there in fallout.:trollface:

    Vampire Dunmer Magblade (Vanyalanthiriel)-DD.( PvE only)
    Bosmer Magplar (Vanimaista)-DD/heal.( PvP only)
    Breton Mag-tankblade (Vannvina)-Tank/DD. (PvE dungeons/trails)
    Van_0S- God of Tamriel.
    Ebonheart Pact PC EU, Campaign- True Flame.
  • Makkir
    You should put a few skills points in spelling first
    Makkir- Sorcerer
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