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When can I Smith better gear?
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Soul Shriven
I'm only level 5 be but I was wondering around what level it will start being worth the time? It took long enough just to get to 5
  • SirAndy
    I always keep my crafting levels in line with my character levels. That way, i can always craft the best gear possible for my characters.

    Unless you really need the coin, deconstruct all gear you loot to keep leveling your crafts.
  • EddieHavok
    I would wait til you have quite a few traits researched and can use the Crafted Sets that interests you. It's gonna be a long road.
  • DannyLV702
    if it's your first character i say you wear whatever strongest gear you can find. maybe start crafting at lvl40 when you have researched some traits and have an idea of what you want.
  • NBrookus
    Farm any ore nodes you see (for materials), do you daily writs and decon all the loot you can find. Use extra mats to craft daggers. If possible, get higher level guildies to send you their trash looted gear if they dont need it. Deconning higher level stuff will level your crafter pretty fast.

    Not everyone needs to be a crafter, tho. If you don't enjoy it, just wear dropped gear and then buy or have someone else craft the gear you want when you get to higher levels.
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  • WandaMey
    i'm gonna assume you haven't found out how to craft better lvl gear before speaking of set or method to level the skill :

    - use the number of material in the middle of the material list (well obviously you have only one now, so that number of material) to augment/decrease the level of the gear in that material level range
    - add passive skill point to your crafts to be able to use new materials

    as suggested, don't try to over level your gear crafting compared to your level , it'll only make your hunt for material harder but keep it at your toon level for more crafting xp.
  • EddieHavok
    And never get the material passive perk higher than your main level cause the Writs will require a material that you cant obtain (easily) and you'll lose out on that venue of xp/ip.
  • mgharris
    Q: "When can I craft better gear?"
    A: between 2 and 6 days.

    It is easy to grind your way to skill level 8, which opens the ability to research 2 items at once. It takes about 2 days to reach 3 traits on a single item. If you utilize clothing, blacksmith and woodworking all at once you have at minimum 3 traits on 5 pieces in 2 days. Otherwise it takes 6 days on a single skill.

    There are 6 crafted sets that only require 3 traits and each of the 6 crafting locations are in the first or second zone you encounter, so easy to access. The only question is how often to make a new set since you will level so fast at low levels. I suggest making a new set when your player level requires new material, so about every 10 levels.
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