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Guest Campaigns Should Be Allowed to Switch Anytime

As much as I loved the comforts of Thornblade PS4 NA because it is EP dominated, which allows me to do IC, quests, skyshard hunting, etc. with minimal risk of getting ganked, it got boring. So now my home is Azura Star and guest Chillrend for the change of action.

I would've welcomed more AD or DC to enter Thronblade and take over territory, just like I would love my different guilds to go to other campaigns that are AD or DC dominated and wreak havoc.

I'm good with the Home being static for a period of time, but the thought of opening up Guest to change any time just sounds really cool. I'm sure all factions that are bored camping the home bases of low pop factions would like the needed action every so often.
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  • Wollust
    You can port into any campaign anyway if you have a groupmember with that particular campaign as home. What's the point in having guest and homecampaign if you can just change it whenever you want? Doesn't make sense to me tbh.

    Zerg Squad
  • Tavore1138
    The whole point was that ZOS, in the person of Mr Wheeler, heavily implied that they were making changes to prevent zerg trains travelling from campaign to campaign but then they backed off at the last minute and made at least as bad as it was

    Sure you can't port to a player but if a group of 24 wants to jump from campaign to campaign they just need a single member with that as guest to move as a group. Not sure why ZOS would bother to make a change to make something slightly more inconvenient but not fix the actual problem.

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