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The Circle of Magi - ALL MAGES WELCOME


Hail and well met adventurer,

We here at the The Circle of Magi are a different kind of guild, a slow, deliberate, refined, and classical guild. We believe that a game is far more than DPS counters, racing to the max level, and having "perfect" builds, that's not for us. Far more important to us is immersion in this beautifully crafted world of Tamriel, exploration of it, and the diverse cultures of it. The Circle of Magi was founded apart from the many endgame and/or PVP focused guilds, to put the RPG back into MMORPG, to reject as fully as we can the metagaming mentality to see the game as only a set of numbers and equations and place the imaginative sense of wonder back into Tamriel.

The Circle of Magi might be right for you if...
-You enjoy reading the books you come across in-game.
-You're a veteran Elder Scrolls player who has enjoyed the lore from the previous games. (Bonus points for Morrowind)
-You know what the Imperial Library is and have spent time there.
-You wish you could take your time in dungeons and look around, check out the book shelves, examine the architecture, enemies, etc.
-A newbie to the series and have a deep curiosity about the world, being an expert is not required!

The Circle of Magi is not likely right for you if...
-You skip quest text or most dialogue choices.
-Uninterested in the difference between Aedra and Daedra, or Dunmer and Orsimer.
-Want to be in an elite PVP outfit.

Our ranks are as follows:

-The First Enchanter, leader of The Circle. First enchanter routinely calls council meetings for enchanters to congregate.
-The Senior Enchanters, a small council of the most experienced mages present in The Circle.
-The Junior Enchanters, based on their title, can be seen as the deputies of the Senior Enchanters or even their chiefs of staff.
-The Enchanters, mages who tutor apprentices. They can specialize in a particular field of study.
-The Mages, all residents who have entered The Circle.
-The Apprentices, all students training to enter The Circle.
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  • matcumb
    This sounds awesome!! I love the use of Magi in this context :) In line with what a mage is in the Elder Scrolls universe. Is this restricted to PS4 only? Or do you have a presence on PC (where I am)?
    "It's the same old pish-posh. Gallant knight, epic quests rescued maidens. I came to this land when my head was quite unceremoniously separated from my body. Bad luck that, but you make the best of things." - Cadwell
  • royalydivine
    Soul Shriven
    This sounds REALLY great! One of the main reasons it took me a while to come to this game is because I thought the lack of keyboard meant no rp but clearly I was wrong.
    Edited by royalydivine on September 29, 2015 11:45PM
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