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Where do you earn trophys?

I only have kinda worried i may have accidently sold some
Please vote in the console text chat thread so ZoS can see how many people want text chat

...and dueling in the dueling thread but personally I want text chat first...
  • mklundub17_ESO
    You can sell them, they just auto update in your achievements when they go into your inventory.
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  • Leandor
    What kind of trophies?

    Those used to open the treasure vaults in IC? You farm them in there.

    Those gained from completing the public group delves? Well, by completing the public group delves. I think some can be sold to a vendor for 0 gold, some you need to destroy. Since there is zero benefit aside from the funny effect they make on use, it doesn't matter except in loss of entertainment.

    Those collected from mobs that count toward the achievements? Before the last update, you had to use them, removing the item from inventory, to have it count for the achievement. Now you retain them, but the item itself is useless. Also, chances are that you will not be able to complete these achievements anyways, since ZOS in its boundless wisdom decided that we are not allowed to transfer them between chars on the same account and some will not drop for you because you outleveled the only farm spots.

    Any other trophies? Well, post and maybe I can find something to say about those as well.
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