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How do skills level?

I thought you had to keep using the abinitial but then my friend killed a monster while he wasaid showing me something and then a skill leveled, so does it just need to be equipped?
Please vote in the console text chat thread so ZoS can see how many people want text chat

...and dueling in the dueling thread but personally I want text chat first...
  • Allyhoo811
    Skills level by being on your active ability bar when you earn XP. The XP can be from any source (e.g. monster kills, exploration, turning in quests, completing dolmens, etc.).

    It sounds like you and your friend were grouped up at the time he killed the mob. When you are grouped with someone you get XP and loot for things they kill even if you don't actually participate in the fight (n.b.: I do think there is a distance requirement for this shared XP/loot to occur, but I'm not sure how close you actually have to be to your group for it to happen).
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