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Tapping Sprint quickly after ability stucks Sprint and locks all abilities

Soul Shriven
To reproduce the problem: Simply tap quickly "Weapon Swap" and "Sprint" at the same time.

More detailed:
Quickly (i mean as quickly as your fingers can do it) press and hold "Weapon Swap" key, then press and hold "Sprint" key and release them both.

If weapon swaps then Sprint is permanently activated until you press "Sprint" key again or run out of stamina. Effectively most of the abilities are locked until Sprint is deactivated.

I "/bug":ed this in-game, but I got so weird in-game error that I wasn't sure if it was reported at all.

This is really game-breaking bug: Described key combination is practically impossible to avoid in fast-paced combat, So only really workable workaround at the moment is either not use Sprint or not use Weapon Swap.

edit: corrected some typos.
edit: changed title - read my 2nd post (#3rd post in thread)
Edited by teardroppixie on September 29, 2015 2:18AM
  • Anzo
    There is a bug with sprint being stuck but what you describe is not it. I don't have the problem you do. I just randomly have to tap sprint when i notice im out of stam.
  • teardroppixie
    Soul Shriven
    I made more tests for this and found out few things:

    Most important - its not Weapon Swap that causes this, but any ability followed by quick tap of Sprint causes sprint being locked on.

    Second, network latency plays a role here. When I tryed this on PTS and using LTE-connection (ping ~240) it was very easy to reproduce. While connecting to liveeu and using ADSL (ping ~90) I was able do abilities quick enough only in one third of the test cases.

    Looks like if Sprint is tapped within the lag after previous ability, then sprint gets locked on.
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