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V13 dps Templar help

I'm currently v13 and want help on gear and bar setups to use for top dps, would appreciate a detailed gear setup and bar setup as I'm struggling to get past 2000 spell damage, (I currently do not have access to any dungeon drop sets) thought that would be useful knowledge. I also want this build to be able to run vet dungeons.
  • Pugnado
    Forgot to add I want this to be aoe not Pvp
  • Kuratius
    You mean PVE, not AoE.
    And for bar Setups, look at builds on tamrielfoundry, for gear combine 4x healer (3x jewelry, 1 armor piece) with 5x kagrenac's hope and 2x torug's pact and you should be good to go.
    If you have mats for the other gear I would expect the rings to cost you ~30k.

    Use 1x destro staff and 1x 2handed greatsword for your bars., greatsword bar is for dots and skills that you can't weave, like puncturing sweep.
    You can also mix and match weapon types, but this should give you a good baseline to work from.
    Edited by Kuratius on September 28, 2015 6:24PM
  • Pugnado
    What sort of spell damage does this set up give you?
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