[Daggerfall Covenant] NEREVARS - PvP Guild; Campain Scourge


Hey Teso Friends.

We want PvP Players. We ride everyday at 7 pm (Berlin 20:00) in Scourge. Our Commander is Thurok77, last week he was the Emporer from this Campaign. He transfer his Char from PC to PS4 and he has huge Experience.

Age of the Members: over 30
Our Level: V10 - V16

Languages: English, German - Chat Room only English

Call me for invite about PSN or PM over this Board. Pls with the class and level from u char.

For the Daggerfall

PSN: x___iker___x

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"Erst gespannt zweigt der Bogen seine Kraft"
  • Tashar
    invite me - dakepu

    Im also pc transfer
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