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More Than Fair Fighters

More Than Fair Fighters has 200+ Members, shares the More Than Fair TS server, Facebook page, and Website.
More Than Fair Fighters has weekly Guild Events (Dungeon run Night and Imperial City night), and we would love to have you in the guild and its events, events run from 8PM - 12PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on wednesday (Dungeon Run) and Sunday (Imperial City). anyone is welcome to join, we dont have minimum level requirements, or any other form of membership requirements. More events may be added.

So Join up, come talk to us on TS3/Facebook. and have some genuine fun times in ESO.

If you would like an invite to the guild, Message @Bloodhawke-Von_Uriel via ingame mail or whisper.
or if you have further questions about the guild by all means ask away.
-Administrator of More Than Fair Fighters.
  • Bloodhawke-Von_Uriel
    Also if you would like to have a say on what new guild events might be, feel free to put your 2 cents in
    Edited by Bloodhawke-Von_Uriel on September 22, 2015 12:40AM
    -Administrator of More Than Fair Fighters.
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