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First Seed Necromancers

You would think that an experienced necromancer would be born under the guardianship of the Mage, right?

Nonsense. Necromancy is soul-corruptingly obsessive. All can make their way into its path, and magicka matters not when you've stolen souls.

The funny thing about people born under the Lord, though, is that they resist corruption... which makes one wonder just how sickening those who continue to experiment with necromancy truly are.

Though liches born under the lord were ghouls to begin with, they are not guaranteed to be as sightlessly evil as other undead, and are they are imbued with the most unnatural of regeneration.

It is because these revenants can be civil, that a group was able to form outside of Mannimarco's Cult of the Worm.

This new group, the Cyrodiil Necromancers, shunned Mannimarco's ways, and live independently, but supportively, from the Valus Mountains to the Gold Coast; communicating through the summoning of an aetherial ghost. The identity of this spirit is unknown.

Though they may be more noble, these are still corpse-cradling soul amalgamations. May Julianos guide your sight, and Stendarr guide your hammer.
  • Nichordius
    I actually prefer the idea that liches lose their soul tethers, however, or have them detach from the stars, leaving them with spell and health absorption, like oblivion liches, wraiths, and those born under the atronach do. A telvanni wizard in the fourth era was also looking into this. I just thought that not all warriors have to be born under the warrior, and so on.

    If a moderator sees this, I'm requesting to delete my entire account and all of its contents. I'll look for a better place to ask that after this.
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