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I'm stuck completed almanac exept in GreenMarch need fast help

Soul Shriven
Hello, i'm missing the last three for completion. Mistfall, jorunn's stand and skuldan. I've finished everything of the almanac. After that lifeline quest I go to joruns stand and I've acept the first quest I've to burn four locations.after completing the first quest another marker comes with a new quest. Second of the joruns stand, I went first to clear my inventur after iI go back and the second questgiver is gone. Can't find him nowhere. Also even the questgiver at the beginning of the cave in Mistwatch is also not a pear for me . Everyone sees that women outside, not me, people can't share quest with me. I'm trying now three days for a solution. I've contacted the support but they always come back with questions did you Finnish that and this. Yes I've finished every quest I ive founnd in East march. I got even the explorations achievement and all lorebooks. I've even look @ achievement of quest in the achievement menu, and all done exept this three. If someone has a solution pls advice, I can't go to daggerfall as long this is not completed. All other maps of the almanac is 100 procent completed.
Thank you.
  • srs121
    Usually with quests the are related to the main story (like Caldwell) you have to complete the previous one to continue. That quest giver may be missing for you because their is a step before that your missing. Check to see if all areas in eAst March have a check next to them. If so, then check to see if you completed the dream walkers quest where you have to defeat that Mage, gather some items, and venture to the vampire area to get his blood, that's the quest right before you go to mist watch.
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  • CharmedCoolcat
    Soul Shriven
    Hello thanks for reply. I've founded. I forgot one quest.
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