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The Parley

Soul Shriven
I'm having difficulty completing this quest - the queen keeps dying. I don't understand what to do once I'm in position and the Imperial attack. I get the message to press Y + B to target the spells, I press Y+B a yellow circle appears which I can move around but then nothing. What do I do then? Apologies if this should be obvious. I am growing increasing frustrated mashing away at buttons.
  • Enodoc
    If you've ever used a siege weapon or an AoE ability, it works the same way. You need to line up the circle with where you want Gabrielle to attack, then fire with RT (at least, I think it's RT).
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  • Mojmir
    Seems kind of buggy as well,u almost have to drop the spell before she tells you too
  • Surragard
    Make sure you stay up there firing those spells as well rather than try to jump down. The first few times I tried to jump down there and take them on hand-to-hand but the Queen always died pretty quickly.
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  • SirMorg
    As stated you just need to keep re-casting the spells your accompanying Mage can cast. Don't move out of area on top of the cliff as you can cast the spells and the queen will die. If you have a now or staff then equip them and rain arrows or spells down until you get a prompt to cast more area spells with your Mage. After about 8 rounds of attacks you will told to head down to the queen and fight off a few more groups close quarters.

    Hope that helps
  • Rimmsa
    Just to add to what others have said. I had issues with this quest to; I restarted quite a few times. How I managed to pass it was:

    I stayed up top, by Gabrielle. I didn't cast the mage's spell until I had most of the enemies grouped in one area. One cast should wipe out an entire group. Don't mash the cast buttons and wait to make sure enemies have fallen before re-casting.

    It's all about timing and making sure you keep those flame-arrow archers off of the queen.

    Good luck out there! If you are still stuck in this quest; send me a group invite and I'll help ya out.
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