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Fishing IS Fun

Got a long gruelling week of work ahead of you, forgot to send that memo you're boss had you type up, was tasked with double the workload because Jenkins is off with the gout again? Well my friend you need to relax, and what better way to do so than with your rod gripped firmly in hand & the smell of a wet gunny sack in your nostrils!

Looking for people to join me in a fishing crusade, I want the Master Angler title since it is just that rare to have, and now with the profit potential of obtaining perfect roes there has got to be some people out there looking to do some fishing.

My guild is hosting fishing events every Friday 19:30 anybody welcome to join. [EU] You can msg me via xbox live TheDoo87. Or preferably Join the guide event on our website

It would be really cool to meet some new friends and have a laugh while ticking off some achievements.
Crafty Traders Guild Leader -

Ebonheart Pact - TheDoo87
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