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Friends list is blank shows 0/0

Soul Shriven
Every since the last patch my friends list has been showing up as 0/0 friends online all together, even with me standing in front of a few of them in game. I've tried everything I can think of, restart game, reinstall disc and patches, remove a friend and re invite. But nothing works however when I make a psn party chat with them they are able to see their friends list.
  • treemanx
    I'm hit by the same bug/error. A few weeks ago it resolved itself after logging in and out a few times. I was just struck this time around and this is the second day and i'm still dealing with a completely blank friends list.
  • Saddiq
    A player I was grouped with (NA PC) yesterday said the same thing. At the moment I thought it was related to the servers being down Thursday but you guys are saying it was earlier.
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  • bryanhaas
    I have had variations of that glitch since day one, sometimes after a few days it clears up.
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  • Rescue78
    Same issue here. Mines been MIA for 2 weeks now and customer support has been useless about it. Their answer is to remove the person from PSN then re-add them. Yeah I'm not doing that for 5 pages of friends...... Shity coding is shity coding!
  • Neclord
    Soul Shriven
    Also experiencing a similar glitch since last patch except mine is down to 2 instead.
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