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Random spinning camera & graphic problems?

Since upgrading to windows 10 and having fixed my problem of the black screen i have been having random camera spinning moments, whether im moving or not. As you can see i am not touching the mouse and i am simply moving around. Also, the graphics don't look right to me, they look very different, i have them set on medium but something is a bit 'off' about them...?

There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
  • ShiunTraze
    Let me know if it's something i can change through settings please, it really does get on my nerves. Thankyou!
    There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.
  • Badarah
    I'm not alone! Mine does the same thing. I checked my settings... Nothing fixes it. I hope someone sheds some light..
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  • Ravalox
    Testing here with a friend (not happening to me).

    I tried having him go into first person mode and try to duplicate it. (he could not reproduce it).
    So far, the issue has gone. Even when going back into third person mode or even restarting the client.

    More time is needed to see if this re-occurs; could you guys try this and see if it "resets" the issue?

    He is also running on Windows 10 and normally never goes into first person.
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  • nordmarian
    Whats your mouse dpi settings? Lower them.
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