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Embedding the map on websites?

Soul Shriven
So I found these two maps,

And I was wondering if I could put it on my website with custom locations (using pre-existing icons to mark my own locations on the map) like you can do in most other MMOs. Is it possible here? If so, how would I go about doing it?
  • Ranique
    I've played several mmo's and never seen such a function to do it automatic. So "most other MMO's" seems to be a bit off as it is just your experience, but not mine.

    It is not possible to withdraw any info from the game except screenshots. The linked maps are made fully with screenshots (or maybe data-mining, but effectivly that is the same thing).

    So it is very much ok to make such a map showing icons from the game using screenshots or datamined graphics.

    However, it is not possible to withdraw your location automatically and update it on such a map. The reason (as I imagine) is that such a thing (an API) is a potential security hazzard. So doing it properly is tricky. You can however update your location manually.
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  • Racael
    Soul Shriven
    Oh, no, I understand how that would be a security hazard. I was referring to static maps with google-maps-like functions, instead showing a top-down view (not map-screen, rather in-game top-down view) of the world. I remember I used a widget from Lotro to do this before. I assumed it was fan-made, but it did use in-game shots that should be impossible for anyone but the devs.
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