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Stormhaven RP [EU-DC]

Are you looking for roleplay in the Daggerfall Covenant? Look no further! Stormhaven RP is the place for you! We are one of the main RP guilds on the EU megaserver. Our main roleplay hub is the Covenant's capital city, Wayrest (in Stormhaven), but we welcome people who play in different areas as well, and many of our members often travel all around Tamriel.

The main purpose of this guild is to serve as an OOC community tool, to ensure that all roleplayers find themselves in the same game phase and to enable us to easily connect, interact, find each other and organize our RP. Our friendly guild chat is also a great tool to let people know that you are IC somewhere, or to ask whether anyone is currently roleplaying and where.

The guild aims at fostering a stable and consistent RP community in the Daggerfall Covenant, both IC and OOC. This means everything from hosting events, to helping new RPers find their way around and get an introduction to RP, and co-operating with IC guilds. In fact, while being a strictly OOC guild, Stormhaven RP also functions as an umbrella for several IC guilds and organizations which breathe life into our IC world: warriors, mages, thieves, guards, merchants, cultists... whatever your playstyle, you will certainly find somewhere to fit in.

Stormhaven RP is the place to start if you are looking for RP in the Daggerfall Covenant. Please have a look at our website to learn more about us, and feel free to register and request an in-game guild invitation. We look forward to meeting you and your characters. Happy RP!
Join us on Stormhaven RP! The largest TESO roleplay community of the Daggerfall Covenant, EU Megaserver.
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