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Any daggerfall guilds porting over to PS4?

Would be nice to have a nice guild for the PS4 release. If anyone is porting over or just organize one before release.
  • Tashar
    I have been playing ESO on and off since beta and was I am a part of the guild Ginning, however they are staying PC based and I will be moving over to PS4 and have a bunch of friends coming over to onto PS4, send me a pm if you wish to chat further
  • originalbars
    Hey mate,

    If you're looking for a bunch of active and mature players feel free to link up with us. We're aiming to become an active (mainly) PvE orientated guild on the DC side of things.

    You can add Original_Bars and/or Digital_Cin on PSN. Even if you're not interested in the guild feel free to add us! we always like to meet new friends on PSN.

    Our site is still a work in progress, however if you're brave enough feel free to give it a try : http://10th-legion.net
    Edited by originalbars on April 8, 2015 6:46PM
  • delushin
    Raven Guard Clan will be starting up on PS4 under Daggerfall.

    Our website is yet to undergo changes to accommodate the addition of ESO to our game roster on the visual front, however you can find our current page below which has now got a temporary ESO section.

    RGC is currently a very successful hardcore progression PvE/PvP guild in Destiny, you are welcome to register and get chatting in the ESO sections while the website undergoes its new design changes.


    Forever eternal,

    -Shadow Council
    Raven Guard - PS4 [PvE/PvP] NA Server - Daggerfall Convenant
    #1 AUS/NZ Guild - http://ravenguardclan.com/
  • CN_Daniel
    NPK will be on PS4.
  • doubleohdan
    Soul Shriven
    Hello all I'm from north America with guild recruiting new members of any age, must be social with headset and into Team play message me on ps4 for add .. doubleohdan
    See you in the battlefield
  • SirMaxwellWood
    Purx is looking for new and active members are guild has 300 strong. We are in market for mainly pvp as thats were we try to spend most time. We of course always have a dunguen group and pve members aswell. Again this is purx send myself a psn message with details and ill get you in SirMaxwellWood. PurX daggerfall on the ps4.
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