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Looking for a guild

Soul Shriven
Currently level 28 dragonknight l, looking for a popular guild for dungeons, quests and stuff my gamer tag is eggbert127 :)
  • TheBigCheese1976
    Hi eggbert127 check out our guild website we are only small at the moment but me and my co-leader are on everyday. I have a lvl vr6 healer, 47 NB, 23 dk & a lvl 10 templar dps. We plan to make the guild a strong community to do all game content in a friendly mature environment :smiley:

  • fatboygamer
    Hey mate, I'm in DC and its always good to have a friendly guild on my guild list. Any chance your still recruiting?
  • TheBigCheese1976
    Fatboygamer we are currently recruiting, apply on our website :smiley:
  • JudgeGigolo
    Grumpy Old Gamers [GoG] are a community of mature and like minded gamers of ages 25 and above.

    The first thing to note about us is that we are not a clan. We are a community. We have several hundred members playing a variety of games (mostly on PS4 and PC).

    We currently have over 130 members actively on Elder Scrolls Online and there's a core group of 50 who are often in-game and on guild-chat.

    We are primarily a social guild, who group for a variety of challenges (AvA, dungeoning, questing, fooling around, etc.). Although there are a few amongst us who are a fair bit more competitive.

    We are in the Aldmeri Dominion (but have some members in the other Alliances) and our members have a variety of levels up to Vet 14, so there should always be someone at your level available to join you.

    We have fully levelled crafters in all disciplines and a healthy stockpile of resources. So if you need gear, we should be able to help you.

    We now also have several vampires and werewolves within our ranks (obviously, established guildies are first in line for bites).

    If that sounds like your kind of guild, visit us at...

    (p.s. Our clan it's active in a number of other games, on PS4, Xbox One & PC. So you may want to pay us a visit anyway.)
  • snowbeard62
    I can jump on this band wagon. DARK AURA are recruiting. Just drop your PSN on our recruitment thread and you will get an invite. No websites to register on unless you want to become part of the Dark Aura community. Check out
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