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Sorc bar switching

Ok so I'm not sure if this is a bug or the way it's intended...I've been told it shouldn't be this way but...whatever I'll ask here anyways. When I have my shield or summons on a bar and switch bars they go away...summons AND shields. I have to have them on both bars in order for them to stay active while switching bars. I'm on ps4 and would just like to know if that's normal or a bug that's gonna be fixed? Thanks for your time.
  • Dravynn2525
    Ok I figured out what I was doing wrong please disregard this post
  • Adamsy
    Ok I figured out what I was doing wrong please disregard this post

    do tell other mages could have the same problems.
  • OzJohnD
    If you want a permanent buff to persist across bars the buff skill must appear in BOTH bars ... if it is not, then they will disappear, that is game design

    short term timed buffs will last the set time, even if the ability bar is switched over

    requires good choices across the two bars if you want to effectively bar switch in combat (which, in my opinion, should be a skill learned early on ... very important to have two active bars, not just task specific bars that are rarely interchanged in combat)

    for example if I want my magelight and flyer to persist between ability bar swaps, both skills need to be on both ability bars, but this still gives me 6 skill slots for other casting (instead of limiting myself to the 3 remainder on just one bar)
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  • Dravynn2525
    The issue I was having was this.... you can use shields that have durations on 1 bar ..switch bars and they'll stay active...however anything without a duration..i.e. toggled will go away when you switch bars unless you have them on both.
  • srs121
    In order to keep a buff on, you MUST have it on both bars.

    For example, a clan fear will unsummon if you switch to your 2nd ability bar if it is not slotted. Only except to this rule is buffs that are cast into your character (ex. Surge, h ward, etc..)
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  • Sinnerkal_1968
    Soul Shriven
    So basically your set up would have to be deardric armour, mage light, surge and summon plus one ranged cast spell on first set then due to button limitations same again but with one area spell on the second set. Bit of a noob on here and kinda use to pc casters with more than a 5 button set up so apologies as im very new at ESO on console. Do i also need two of the same weapon or can i set my main as my second too?
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