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DC`s and hard resets since yesterday

Ok, so apart from the odd dc now and then this hasn't happened before, since the last patch whenever I dc I have to hard reset my console to log in again.
Upon trying to log in without resetting the client will not display the message talking about server stuff and upon trying to log it says the connection has timed out...
have tried numerous times and allways have to hard reset, should also mention this is on the NA servers and I`m connecting from Australia
The one and only Scion of Sorcery.
  • Orphenkryscion
    also seeing reports of this problem on ps4 aswell anyone else xbone side experiancing this??
    The one and only Scion of Sorcery.
  • Saturn64
    yes buggy and frankly im tired of it after almost a year and a half. no new content to speak of in months. im just bored to death with the game lately. probably to late to fix that. i think im about done.
  • fluffu
    have got dcs on my xbox as well.
    Hope they fix it
  • Darsaga
    I had a few crashes before the patch. Now it is multiple time per session. I notice it the most in Elden Root....
  • BaconMagic
    I've been DCing about 1-2 times per hour during primetime say 7-10pm PST. It's annoying and makes me not want to do group content at all.
  • robwolf666
    Darsaga wrote: »
    I had a few crashes before the patch. Now it is multiple time per session. I notice it the most in Elden Root....

    Mine has started freezing and crashing this past few days as well.
  • navra1ub17_ESO
    When I logged on today I had 4 crashes in 15 min. At this rate the game is not playable.
  • xpupustainsx
    Ok here is my fix. I found that when the comcast guy opened the ports, he set it to my computers ip. I went in and reset it to the XB1 ip and put in the ipv6 address as well. My nat is open, so good there, my upnp was on. I did have to set my ipv4 security to low and set my ipv6 to custom and only block port 113. I also deleted and reinstalled esotu and reset the gateway. I have now been on for 2 hours with no problems at all. I hope this works for you guys.
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