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First attempt at actually planning a build ahead of time...would like to get some opinions

So I'm going for a redguard(master race ;))stamina dps dragonknight that's very effective in both PvE and PvP. I plan on going 5 medium/2 heavy with a bow and dw axe/sword.

Here's my plan from the calc:

Also, I'd like opinions on the distribution of attributes..I've heard putting all 49 into health is effective, but I've also heard it's a better idea to put all 49 into stam. Maybe somewhere in the middle? Thoughts?
  • krboone94
    In case the link doesn't work correctly, here's a quick list:

    Ardent Flame

    Searing strike (Unstable flame morph)
    Fiery breath (Burning breath morph)

    Kindling 2x
    Warmth 2x
    Searing heat 2x

    Draconic power

    Dragon leap (Take flight morph)

    Dragon blood (Green dragon blood morph)

    Iron skin 2x
    Burning heart 2x
    Elder dragon 2x
    Scaled armor 2x

    Earthen heart

    Magma armor (Corrosive armor morph)
    Petrify (Shattering rocks morph)

    Eternal mountain 2x
    Battle roar 2x
    Mountains blessing 2x
    Helping hands 2x

    Dual Wield

    Flurry (Rapid Strikes morph)
    Whirlwind (Whirling blades morph)

    Dual wield expert 2x
    Slaughter 2x
    Controlled fury 2x
    Ruffian 2x
    Twin blade and blunt 2x


    Poison arrow (Venom arrow morph)
    Scatter shot (Magnum shot morph)
    Snipe (Lethal arrow morph)
    Arrow spray (Bombard morph)

    Accuracy 2x
    Ranger 2x
    Long shots 2x
    Hasty retreat 2x

    Medium armor

    Wind walker 2x
    Dexterity 3x
    Agility 2x
    Athletics 2x

    Heavy armor

    Constitution 2x
    Resolve 3x
    Juggernaut 2x
    Bracing 2x
    Rapid mending 2x

    Redguard skills

    Exhilaration 3x
    Conditioning 3x
    Adrenaline rush 3x


    Laboratory use 1x
    Keen eye 3x
    Snakeblood 3x
    Chemistry 3x
    Solvent proficiency 6x
    Medicinal use 3x


    Keen eye 3x
    Runestone extraction 3x
    Aspect improvement 4x
    Hireling 3x
    Potency improvement 9x


    Keen eye 3x
    Metal extraction 3x
    Hireling 3x
    Metalworking 9x
    Temper expertise 3x
    Metallurgy 4x


    Keen eye 3x
    Wood extraction 3x
    Hireling 3x
    Woodworking 9x
    Resin expertise 3x
    Carpentry 4x


    Keen eye 3x
    Unraveling 3x
    Hireling 3x
    Tailoring 9x
    Tannin expertise 3x
    Stitching 4x
  • Sandshark95
    I must say that this looks like a very well thought out, viable build. There's not much to add, honestly.

    If I had to offer an opinion, the only thing I might tweak is your choice of morph for the DW ability Whirlwind. I strongly recommend you consider taking Steel Tornado over Whirling Blades; you just can't beat that larger radius--it's a must, IMO. Think about it: you're a Redguard, you'll be decked out in medium armor, you'll have access to Green Dragon Blood, and you'll have pretty much every possible stamina passive working in your favor. Stamina shouldn't be an issue for you at all; at least, not enough of one for you to sacrifice the doubled radius and DPS potential that Steel Tornado provides for the insignificant, tiny little bit of extra stamina Whirling Blades might give you. The radius really does make a difference. Not to mention if you spend even just a few points in stamina, in which case your green bar should rarely be empty. That's my two cents.

    As for your attribute point distribution, if you want to maximize your DPS, I say go Stamina all the way. You can get by in PvE content fairly easily without dropping a single point in Health; now for PvP, it might benefit you to spend some points there. For endgame (Vet ranks), you'll most definitely want your HP above the 10k mark; if you can get there without spending any points in Health--which I believe is entirely possible--then you're set. So, my final verdict would be that stamina trumps health in your case. If you do a lot of PvP or if you ever just feel too squishy, then putting around 10-15 points in Health should be plenty to remedy the squishiness.

    Great build! Don't spend too much time working out details though, or you might forget to enjoy the game ;). Good luck, and hope that helps.
  • krboone94
    Thanks! Very informative post! And you make a good point..i may just tweak that part and select the other morph. I don't do a lot of pvp yet, but i plan on it once i get to vet ranks. I don't have many problems surviving in pve. After giving it some more thought, I'm thinking maybe around 14 health/35 stamina with huge health enchants on my armor to make up for some of the difference.

    Admittedly, I'm way too obsessive when it comes to detail. But now that I have a good plan in place, it'll be much easier to enjoy the game :p
  • CidxLucy
    wood elf getting a buff in ic 6% sta 21% sta reg so its up there with other sta classes
  • Sandshark95
    @krboone94 No problem! 14 points for PvP sounds like a good medium. The health enchants might not be necessary, but I suppose you can figure that out later once you hit Vet ranks; for PvE at least, you might want stamina enchants to further maximize your DPS output. And I'm the same way when it comes to building characters; I don't use a skill calculator, but I do tons of research so that I know what skills/morphs/passives I'm shooting for right out the gate. :)
  • krboone94
    Well as of right now, I'm only at about 8.5k health with 14 points invested. Then again, I haven't done much enchanting on my armor yet, as I'm stocking up on materials for later on. Last question though, how many skill points are available? I've heard multiple answers there as well.. This specific plan, so far, would require 209. Is that a reasonable expectation?
  • Sandshark95
    @krboone94 I think that's perfectly reasonable. There's 300+ skill points available in the game (~324, give or take, if I'm not mistaken), so you should be fine.
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