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Crafting Menu outside of stations

Hello everyone.

Is there any way to access the crafting menus outside of crafting stations? With or without an add-on.

I ask this because it often happens when I'm out exploring or questing to think about crafting and I wish to check the required materials or just double-check on my available options and designs for weapons and outfits, but then the only way I have found is to go all the way to a city and open the menu near a crafting station. While I understand and agree that crafting should only be possible by the side of a station we should be able to open the menus anywhere in the world for informational purposes.

If there's no way to do this currently then the developers should consider a simple keybinding to open crafting menus anywhere. It would surely make for a richer experience to anyone interested in crafting which is a major part of every MMORPG. It's really a must in any crafting system.
  • Nestor
    There are some PC addons that aid in Research that you can pull up a men for when out in the world.

    As far as previewing the armor or weapons, I use ESO Fashion (google it) even when I am at a crafting station.

    However, other than that, you need to be at a crafting station to view the crafting menus.

    Note, there are 3 Equipment Crafting stations in each zone that are not in cities, and there are also craft tables of various kinds peppered through out the zones, usually in army camps. I think I have found a couple in Delves. So your never that far away from a crafting station.
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  • Marques
    It's still not the same as being able to access the menus through keybinding or the main (top) menu.

    I understand what you're saying but the same could be said about in-game mail, skill activation and selection among many other options. We could, like in many other games, only be allowed to check mail at post offices throughout the land, yet we are able to do it anywhere even if it breaks immersion simply because it enhances gameplay. Same should apply to crafting.
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