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Fix for "preparing to download" update.

Soul Shriven
OK I found my fix ladies and gentlemen. I had about 25 GB of space left on my hard drive. I noticed when it was trying To download the update that the amount of available space was fluctuating. Even though I had plenty of room for the patch it wouldn't let it download. I deleted some games and freed up 40 GB of space and the update started once I tried again.

So check the space of your hard drive and make sure you have more than enough room for the patch. See you out there my fellow travelers.
  • mich3lang3lo
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you, worked for me.

    I'm very disappointed with Zenimax and their service.

    Thank you again Ztemde.
  • Ztemde
    Soul Shriven
    You're welcome! Like a ship is meant to sail, so is knowledge meant to be shared.
  • illuzian
    Just thought I chime in and say this isn't the issue for me I have 437GB free (2TB HDD) and it's as stuck as annoying scribble in the pavement.
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