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Stability and crashing is shocking since patch release

Soul Shriven
I consider myself lucky if I can now stay in the game for longer than 15 mins at a time.

Am currently doing vet DSA on the NA Megaserver and will be in the arena and other players will freeze for approx 30 secs, then I will be disconnected saying 'Unable to connect to game server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection'.

Closing the game down and restarting will lead me to the announcement screen which will say 'Could not retrieve announcements'. Press x and will have Login failure saying 'Connection to ther server timed out. Please try again later'. I can repeat the above process and might get in on the 4th attempt. The only way that seems to be able to get past this is to reset the PS4. Then I am lucky enough to play for maybe another 15 minutes before it all happens again.

Obviously it has nothing to do with my internet, since router reset made no difference and it is working perfectly well with other devices and games on the PS4.

I do hope that the devs are on top of this and it would be appreciated that a note would be placed on the forums advising you are working on it because I certainly can see I am not alone on this.

As it stands the game is unable for dungeons or group gatherings at present.
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  • Sandshark95
    I'm usually afraid to log in immediately following patches/updates on PS4, simply due to the fact that the game always seems to experience a ridiculous amount of lag and connection issues. I haven't logged in yet tonight, and seeing posts about this pop up doesn't make me too eager to do so. It's funny; you'd think there'd be less problems after a patch. I do hope that when I do log in, I won't find myself having to wait for a fix to fix what this 'fix' might have broken.
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