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Character Building

Soul Shriven
I've enjoyed making my characters for ESO just as much as playing the actual game itself. My issue: I have a god awful memory when it comes to lore. I want to know who some of your characters are and all the details that make them who they are! So share your character descriptions whether it's long or only two sentences!

I guess to start I have Kita Seedpool! She's a mischievous nature loving nord who was raised by bosmer in Valenwood. (Can't quite figure out how she ended up there yet. Ideas?) She fled from Dominion lands to escape the harsh and violent ways of the bosmer and ended up in Pact lands. Kita is a frail, small nord who is awful in battle and sees violence as unnessesary. Her only strength is that she's quick and agile. She prefers to make friends with everyone and is skilled at non magical healing (if that can even be a thing). She's often getting into trouble from taking things that aren't hers and being too friendly with the wrong people.

That's pretty much all I got so far, if you have any ideas I could run with that would be great! Looking forward to reading about your characters!

Happy role playing!

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  • Frozstee
    Hi Sahara21 I'd be willing to throw my two cents at the development of little miss Seedpool, and perhaps help you hatch out a bit more depth to her. There is actually a really great thread here on the Roleplaying sections that have some prime examples of some character back stories and lore.

    So I will just throw some loose thoughts that might spark some interest to the story of Kita Seedpool. She seems to be more of a wandering, nomad type of character, which would explain in part her travels across all of Tamriel. The question that would be posed, how did she start in the depths of Valenwood? Perhaps she was a daughter of a pirate or merchant shipmate whose ship was struck by a brutal storm off the Western coast of Black Marsh, thus leaving a helpless Kita just outside the realm of the Bosmer.
    Kita is not a magical healer? But that would not limit one to being proficient with potions which could be a viable alternative to using traditional healing magic. Restorative staffs perhaps could be something of interest as well, maybe her time in the wild forests taught her how to shape mystical staffs from the rare trees. Each of course, Alchemy and Woodworking would not go over so well with those Bosmer of the Green Path who could cause a curious Kita to have to flee.

    Mmmm..... Yep, that would be about all I have off the top of my head. What class is Kita by the way? That always plays into the development and background of the character. Hope that helps a bit.

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  • Sahara21
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you so much for the link, that's going to be very helpful! All of your ideas are absolutely wonderful as well, thank you so much! Kita is a nightblade I do believe which I guess for her is mostly for the stealth and getting out of sticky situations.
  • Rioghnan
    Maybe Kita was the daughter of a Nord who found herself being hunted by assassins so they secretly gave her to a Bosmer to raise so she wouldn't be in danger. I don't know, I just thought of it...

    Abridged version of my character's convoluted story, which is still rather long:

    Rioghnan is an Altmer who was raised in Morrowind. His mother was studying at a school in her homeland and she started hooking up with her mentor/student teacher on the downlow. He was accused of engaging in some rather unsavoury pursuits by another student who used to be his best buddy. The former friend brought it to the attention of school officials who weren't too pleased.

    So... basically, he wound up taking off with very little warning or explanation and leaving Rioghnan's mother behind, unaware of their son's existence at that point. Very soon afterward, his mother rapidly became very aware of his existence and knew that if the father's former bff found out he'd make a great big deal out of it and probably worse, so she ran.

    In an attempt to quickly make herself scarce, she went to a guide (like a Guild Guide but she was just a little early for the Mage's Guild, so anyway...) and asked to be transported to somewhere far away. The transporting went a bit awry and she wound up in Balmora, on Vaardenfel, quite a long time after she left the Summerset Isle.

    And that's where Rioghnan was born. He was raised solely by her, quite coddled and overprotected, and his mates are all Dunmer and various random inhabitants of Vaardenfel. She sheltered him from ever learning any kind of combat and especially from magic because as she saw it, it caused her to lose the love of her life and ruined everything. She was also afraid he would have some sort of inborn affinity for dark magic and that someone would hurt him for it.

    He's very good at making people laugh and specializes in pub crawls and general troublemaking. He's also been fairly popular with the ladies back in Vaardenfel so he's pretty much full of himself and thinks he's all that. He's not a bad guy. He just has to learn that everything's not a joke, not everyone loves him and thinks he's cute, etc.

    Oh yea, and he wound up in Coldharbour because he was an easy target for sacrifice by some low-ranking follower, sleeping one off under a stilt strider platform somewhere. His mum would die if she knew what he was getting involved in but she doesn't know and Rioghnan has no idea what he's gotten himself into.

    Rioghnan school picture lol
    Altmer always look so stank...
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  • Totalitarian
    I think non-magical healing is a really interesting, different concept for a character. Good job thinking that one up!

    Anyways, as for my character...I'll just leave the link to the backstory (read it if you have enough time; it's not as short as the ones posted directly on comments) and a picture.
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    The Celestial Lady
  • Nichordius
    Nichordius is a curious worm eremite in that he's afraid of anywhere that seems like it would have a ghost. And not only that, when he's alone, rooms will come alive without motion... A calm, oppressive presence, so unnatural empathetically that he believes it to be a powerful daedra. Is there really a daedra? I can't say there is or isn't, yet, but he has had real encounters in the past. As the adopted child of the local priest, little Nichordius was tormented by a ghost, with black hair, and skin evil-green. It was this developmental experience that lead him to join the Order of the Black Worm.--Plasmophobia at first, then necromania, at the same time. He's currently posted in the labyrinth of Howling Cave, Cyrodiil, behind the big bookcase. The worm anchorite in charge keeps one loyal necromancer stationed in front of the second entrance, with a skeleton on a slab, as a decoy. No one has gotten in, yet. Why a worm anchorite for a leadership position? Well it's not always the case, but my best guess would be that Mannimarco prefers to keep his undead priests learning, teaching, guarding, or all three.

    Nichordius has a wife named Malread; an exquisitely preserved nord woman, whom he talks to regularly. He talks to himself regularly,--or maybe to his imagined ghosts--but he loves spending time with her. Particularly, keeping her looking fresh. Nichordius will often take ridicule outside of the lairs, for this behavior, but not within them as of yet.

    He's never met a vampire to date, but he wouldn't trust them as far as he could siphon them. Vampires are undead, he admits reluctantly, and must often be quite old, so they naturally raise alarm.

    Nichordius, a flat affect lich, with playful pacing, wise criticisms, and a vast knowledge of necromancy is my character.

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  • Rioghnan
    Did you ever post a picture of Nichordius? I don't remember if I ever saw him. He's interesting. Rioghnan would make a great Worm Cultist but he doesn't know and I don't really want him to (yet, at least) ... I'm trying to keep the reason behind that out of his knowledge for the time being.
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