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Bought over 15,000 Crowns received 0 [PS4]

  • revonine
    PSN ID: revotom

    Crowns owed: 1500

    Purchased: 1500 Crowns

    I am from Ireland.

    I also have a ticket number: 150720-006970
  • AceTrainerBean
    Hi I am also experiencing this problem. It has been three days. Sony messaged me with a receipt.

    PSN ID: AceTrainerBean

    Crowns owed: 1500

    Purchased: 1500 Crowns

    I am also from Ireland.

  • dingybell7
    Soul Shriven
    If you get no joy from this contact your local trading standards as although you are purchasing the crowns in game when you get your email receipt it come from sony so they are taking the money therefore they are breaching the trading standards rules I had the same problem with defiance dlc and got a full refund from sony after I got trading standards involved
  • AceTrainerBean
    @dingybell7 Thanks I will do that if it comes to it.
  • collie96
    Soul Shriven
    hi I'm also experiencing the same problem, it has been 30 minutes and nothing has came

    psn i.d: collie96

    crowns owed :3000

    purchased : 3000

    and eso subscription.. I also purchased tamriel unlimited and never received the extras

    I am from Ireland.
    I forgot to take note of my ticket number.

  • Laur
    PSN : cratuz
    Purchased: ESO Plus
    In Ireland : Yes

    Thank you for looking into this.
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