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Official Discussion Thread for "Coming to ESOTU"

  • aslan06
    Awesome,but i'm more exited for the Thief guild.
  • heisenberg_ohmsford
    Soul Shriven
    Is this a free update? Or paid?
  • Wicked_Wolf
    Don't get me wrong; I am very excited for all of these things but it was just a video of things we have seen before, and have been wondering about for a whole now, back to Quakecon last year. If a date was included in that video, then I would totally be hyped because we finally know when we'd be getting things we have all been anxious for.

    But, as it stands now, it just seems like re used footage. Great but, was anything really different than the few other times we have seen this? Ok, "we know" excites everyone; me included since that's what I want most. But, did anyone here not know this was already in the works? I guess this video was more for the new console players? Because as a PC player who has been here since beta, this wasn't anything I haven't already seen and have been patiently waiting for.
  • MyM16sHot
    AWESOME! As a die hard Orc fan i'm stoked for Orsinium! Really impressed so far with the current Orc zone I can't wait for the next one.
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  • Bane_of_Fringe
    It's almost like we're going to get new content added to the game rather often, like we were promised some 12-odd months ago. Looks nice.
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  • MartinXKid
    I wish they could tell us more about anything other then "Here's Wrothgar. Here's the Imperial city. Here's a new mount and a teaser of the brotherhood." We all know for a long time they were coming what what can we expect from them? What's in the Imperial city? What's new in this new zone (other then new quests off course)? It's just teaser after teaser with no hard info on what's going to change or what will there be in those new zones.

    I played ESO since Beta but nowadays I'm just trying to find anything else to play cause Idk what's coming exactly or what to expect. "Cool! A new adventure zone! What will there be of new there?" or "Imperial city looks like a more close-quarter combat pvp Zone. What's there to fight for?"
    Most of the time i get the answer so late I'm already bummed out to play ESO again even tho this is the best MMO I've played. I don't need a date of release since I know they would rather have the content out when it's ready with minimal bugs and all and that's cool but what is there to expect? Simply visually showing two new zones, one PvE and one PvP, ain't enough to excite us since we saw then coming months ago.

    Keep up the good work ZoS as we know you guys are working hard everyday for us. Heck, sometimes we see you guys on the ESO live with tired eyes lol.
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  • mjamie93
    Soul Shriven
    no one care about stupid imperials give us the dark brother hood and thieves guild already
  • EQBallzz
    It's almost like we're going to get new content added to the game rather often, like we were promised some 12-odd months ago. Looks nice.

    How can you get new content added to the game "rather often" after a year has already elapsed since the last content release? We still don't even know when this stuff is releasing. Their big E3 reveal was essentially a big, "Soon..™" sign. I actually joked about this before E3 that their booth would just be a huge "Soon..™" poster and I wasn't far off from the truth. We have known about all this info for months and months and we don't even get a release date? This was pretty sad.

    In my case I think this is too little too late. I have mostly quit the game now and been finishing up Witcher 2 that I had not finished and I have Witcher 3 queued up after that among other things from the Steam Summer Sale. By the time I finish Witcher 3 I should have Fallout 4. I seriously doubt I will be spending much time in ESO again and especially since everyone I know in game long since quit. I may give ESO another look in 2016 if there are no other interesting MMOs to play but sadly ZOS has literally forced this game off my games radar for now.
  • daniel_ESO16
    Is this a free update? Or paid?

  • Marcd23
    There are a lot of complaints and I'm sure that there's a lot of players that probably have good reason to complain. But all the players that were active in pc before the console launch. It's now out on console. So now they will be working on content and not prioritising the console launch.

    All in good time guys. It will all come.

    I want to see some huge dwarven ruins. I love those places.
  • aenaerion
    Well I for one still have soooooo much to do in the game as it is now. Hopefully the new content will arrive about the same time I get to 50.
  • Kazzy56
    PS4 EU.

    I guess they can't win can they?
    Already folks are complaining and making wild assumptions about the release its, date, its content,what it'll have or not have. How it will be 'same ole same ole.
    I don't need to know the full content. I don't want to know the full content.
    If they announce a date and are unable to release it for any number of good reasons, folks will be yelling about it. If they give a date and release with multiple problems, folks will yell about it.
    I am more than happy to wait and see what the full content will be. I enjoy being surprised. Its all part of the fun.
    I say again, darn, you're a tough crowd. But you know what they say? You can't please all of the people all of the time. However hard you try.

    Have a good Tamriel day.

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  • Merlight
    Can we please have HD wallpapers? The one linked in the article is 1366x768, and all wallpapers at are only 1024x768. I was able to get the three Update 6 wallpapers in higher resolutions (1920x1080 and 1920x1200) by changing the dimensions in the link, but the rest have hashed file names without dimensions.
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  • Ferretstalker
    If Wrothgar is not completely 100% orc-centric and I have to go pander to more Bretons I will riot. The fact that the only major orc zone in the game has been held off for this long is already a joke.
  • deadarmy5
    Soul Shriven
    I have to agree with a lot that you guys have said so far. The only thing that I might add is the fact that there is a crap load of things that they have to keep up with and at the same time build into the system and game while keeping us happy at the same time. This would be a huge job even on the best of days. While I do find it frustrating that they can't at least give us some kind of updates on times or even general times, I would rather wait for a good content release than have them release it too early and have it be crap. I would like to see some more classes, DB and housing, but again, it's better to wait and have them fix everything up before just giving us a date and rushing to meet it.
  • Rastafariel
    I'm still waiting for the thieves guild & assassins guild.

    Also, are you going to fix 1h & shield back to the way it was at launch & beta or give us a 1h skill tree?

    I'm hopeful. Either way I know what I'm doing 11/10/15.
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  • Ninjury
    In perspective. This is also a teaser for new players, who have joined the community through the console wave. I did not know of these updates, but then again - I've probably done a poor job researching what I can expect from upcoming DLCs.

    I'm stoked about Dark Brotherhood, but I'm also stoked because I know that I'm playing a game which has limited a lot of the content we'll find in the other TES games. In an ideal world, the future content for ESO will be nothing but amusing.

    Nonetheless, it's a fresh studio and mistakes must happen. I just hope ZOS wont end up like say.. Funcom. Or pulling a Richard Garriott by overhyping a game to the extreme, destroying player expectations upon launch.

    Either way, looking forward to upcoming content, even though I have a lot of content to explore already :)
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