Next BloodMoon for Vampires?

I myself am already Vampire from legit BloodFiend spawns.
But to help my friend with one I'm wondering if anybody knows when the next special moon phase will be to increase spawns.

  • Robert_E_Pee
    Honestly, it's all random. You can also see Bloodfiends on random moon phases. Your best bet is just questing and adventuring like normal, and once night comes around, travel on over to your Alliance's spawn point and see.
  • Surragard
    Sticky forums in the Players Helping Players category for console players looking for a free bite. As for PC I would just start a thread there. I know plenty of old guild mates who got free bites doing that.
    I don't always drink Skooma, but when I do I go to the Southwall Corner Club. May you walk on warm sands my friends.
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