Exactly how many book for Mages Guild 8-10?

As the title asks, how many do i need? I'm about to finish collecting all lorebooks in my faction DC and in coldharbout, not including all dungeon lore, and im a little into mages guild level 8, so how many more books, exactly, do i need for level 10
  • Enodoc
    To get from Rank 8 to Rank 10 you need 470 Mages Guild Reputation points. Each book gives 5 rep, so just on books alone you'd need 94, but each completed collection gives an extra 20 rep, so this number will go down quite a bit if you've got a few nearly-completed collections.

    Total rep to get to Rank 10 is 1380, and it is possible to earn 1365 by collecting all Lorebooks within your home alliance territories, Dungeons, Coldharbour and Cyrodiil. The remaining 15 points (3 books) must come from the zone collections in the Veteran alliance areas.
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