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Ui Errors + missing Effects

So I wanted to ask WHEN Finally the Bugged Health Bars will be fixed?
This Problem is not a new one and i think Exists since im Playing eso (since Pc BETA!!).

Short explanation: when Playing and using shields a lot(mostly in pvp) After some time my Healthbar Looks like i only have 80-90% Health (even when healed nonstop). But the most annoying Part is this: When Playing I either see a shield up ALL THE TIME. OR NEVER, even when casting it, sometimes the screen is "red" nonstop, too to show that im Almost dead (which isnt the case) Since Shields are my Main defense you sure Understand How frustrating it is, not knowing if shield is up/isnt up. Only (not satisfying) Solution so far is to relog/Port outside cyrodiil and back -> back to queue Position 200 yay...

Aaand there is Another thing that needs to be fixed in pvp: EFFECTS
Well, which effects you may ask. Every time i play in cyrodiil, After some time everything just disappears.
- red Circles if someone is shooting ballistas
- red Circles from pouring down oil or the "Oil" itself
- Fire when my character is burning
- Dont see ground Effects (caltrops, meteor,....)
- Dont see the Meteor Warning Circle
- Dont see shield auras on my character
- Dont see Chrystal Fragment insta proc being ready
- Dont see Chrystal Fragment fired OR anything else fired at me
I Could Continue the List forever, Counting every commonly used skills/actions in pvp.

I more of die to those effects missing etc than to Playing "Bad" Its really frustrating.
So I Hope this was detailed enough, if no I will play and record this mess, too so Probably you See what im Talking about.
(And No, its not due to my Bad net Connection, its really good actually).

(oh a Suggestion: Remove the red Circle from friendly Players shooting, its confusing, and you cant Tell if its an Enemy pouring oil on you, OR a friend shooting the Wall in Front of you)
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