Argonain Plans

Would anyone argonain brotherlin be intrested in enjoying guild stickly for argonains. i have not made guild yet but plan to lead one! i play on both mega-servers so i could make the guild in both just imagine an argonain army taking over cyrodiil. :D
  • Makkir
    Army of 5?

    I dont think many serious PvPers rolled Argons
  • MyM16sHot
    I'd be interested.
    VR8 Dumner Nightblade PS4-NA-DC
    lvl12 Imperial Dragonknight PS4-NA-EP
  • Fizzlewizzle
    Also Interested. (EU Megaserver)
    Mending-The-Wounded, Aldmeri Dominion, Templar.
  • JTorus
    I would like to suggest some guild names.

    Saxhleel High-heels
    Ereptile Disfunction
    Lilmoth Tree Service
  • Night-claw
    Plans still under way, Thank you for your name suggestions it any of you could think of anymore that be great
    and switch between both if you'd like?

    Edited looks like it goina be the na server what the first guilds goina be made in . i still have to sort things out on eu server names plz :D
    Edited by Night-claw on July 6, 2015 7:19PM
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