Brace yourself, another blood moon is coming !

Fellow werewolves, praise Hircine ! Another blood moon is coming. A Great Hunt will hit Nirn....hum, The Earth !

Jokes aside, our friends from America will see a "blood moon" on the 4th of august. Europeans will not have this luck, maybe someone could post some picture about this one on this topic :)

More infos :
When Bloodmoon calls, Rivers turns red.
  • Roechacca
    Praise Hircine ! The last one was spectacular !
  • Medieval3D
  • Rune_Relic
    Meh...if you're not at the isle of dogs to observe the southing bloodmoon at midnight on the winter solstice...
    ..whats the point of howling ? What have you found ?
    Anubis/Upuat have a lot to answer for.
    Anything that can be exploited will be exploited
    Soul Shriven
    What's the blood moon about? I know it has to do with werewolfs lol but I can't seem to get a bite. But yeah what happen in ESO?
  • Robbie575
    @LONEWOLFxRAMBO If you figure it out, let me know. I'm confused too. I want to say it's a time where more people can get bit by the game-generated werewolf, or where they're more active or something.
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  • alaiham2002
    @Robbie575 and @LONEWOLFxRAMBO it is for RP'ers for stories etc.
    Edited by alaiham2002 on July 10, 2015 12:15PM
  • Ulaidian
    It is when the earth casts it full shadow over the moon, making it look all red/orange.
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