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Unable to get in to Stormhaven.

Iam unable to get into Stormhaven, and iam not the only one.
  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
    No, you are not the only one. I'm having trouble getting into various zones with several characters. The "home" zones seem OK, but at least the VR2 version of Stormhaven and the VR7 version of Deshaan seem to be inaccessible to my EP and DC characters. (EU server.)
  • Vahrokh
    I can't go to Stormhaven too.

    I can go everywhere but if I try going to Stormhaven I get booted to log in screen with a popup saying:

    "An Error has occurred.... retry again in some minutes".

    I tried a lot of times and I keep getting rejected.
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  • ZOS_TristanK
    This issue should be resolved after tonight's maintenance. Thanks for your patience!
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