Elder Scrolls Online [PS4] - Armor Location Help!

Soul Shriven
I am in Glenumbra and a while back, I remember stealing armor from a camp. I remember the armor was in the Nord Style (If you create a new character and choose Race - Nord and Class - Dragonknight, that's how the armor looked like). It was on like an armor rack similar to a mannequin. I don't remember where it is, but I recall it maybe near the Deleyn's Mill Wayshrine. I may be off completely, but can anyone tell me where I can find it or at least another place where I can get the same exact armor. I really like the Nord style, but I'm a Dark Elf and too poor to afford a Nord motif. Thanks!
  • chaotic4me2
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    39 enchanting
  • Talleborn
    Soul Shriven
    UPDATE: I finally found the armor location! I spent 2 hours just following the main roads until I came across it. I was totally off when I said it was near Deleyn's Mill Wayshirne. The location of it is in Aldcroft in the Lionguard Camp Market. The armor is next to Camille Guylitte.
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