Vampire/Nightblade Build?

I am in the process of deciding on my next character, and I know I want to do a nightblade class. I also, after having been a vampire on my current character, have come to love the vampire skill line. My question is, what race would be best for this? I was thinking a dark elf, for fire resistance, but I would love to know anyone else's input.
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  • ForgottenHeretic
    I would go for a dark elf, not just for the fire resistance but I think elven vampires look the best
  • MexicanMurrican
    Oh, and I'm also going to be running dual wield, trying for an Assassin/Siphoning build if I can.

    And to ForgottenHeretic, I'm currently running a DK wood elf vampire with dual wield. I love the look, but want to make sure fire damage won't kill me. I have the worst time with fire right now as a wood elf, and am currently playing Ebonhart territory, which has a ton of fire damage killing me. The DK is VR 1.
    NA PS4 Megaserver - MexicanMurrican - Dunmer Nightblade [EP], Khajiit Nightblade [AD]
    Thunderbird - Guild Leader
    "Diplomacy is the art of lying for your alliance."
    I have a rank 10 vamp-vet rank 1 nightblade-Dark elf
    You do not need siph since Drain essence is so much better, but my rotation is this : Shadow Disguise IV - Concealed Weapon IV - Blood Craze - Assassin's Blade IV - Invigorating Drain IV - Devouring Swarm IV (when needed) I DW swords
    Passives are: Assassin - 2/2 Master Assassin - 2/2 Hemorrhage
    Shadow - 2/2 Refreshing Shadows - 2/2 Shadow Barrier - 2/2 Dark Vigor - 2/2 Dark Veil
    Duel Wield passive - 2/2 DW expert - 2/2 controlled fury - 2/2 Twin blade and blunt
    Dark Elf passive - 3/3 Dynamic - 3/3 Fire resist - Amb
    I use a bow with offhand
    I use what champion points i have so far for even more spell resist-phys damage-wpn dmg.
    So far this build has been very good to me in PvE, have not tried it in PvP.
    Hope this helps

  • JJBaboon
    My Khajiit vampire Nightblade is extremely fun, and while fire can still pose a problem, my build entirely centers around single target dps. The Khajiit racial do nothing for fire, but the crit bonus, combat healing regen, and the bonuses to stealth are all incredibly useful for night blades as well as vampires. By utilizing the hard-hitting abilities from the assination and shadow lines while dual wielding, combined with a second skill bar containing some of the siphon and vampire abilities with a bow for evasion, escape, or replenishing your health to continue a fight, I am able to do exactly what I am built for.... Pick a target and mess his or her day up, and then disappear quietly.

    This build concept would work with dunmer of course, and the fire resist would be helpful, but champion points into elemental resist can help mitigate this problem a little bit as well. I will say that this build is hardly ideal for solo pve, but excels at group pve and is very fun for pvp, grouped or solo. You will be invaluable to groups in pvp as you can single out healers and sorcs and disable or kill them. You will need to avoid confrontations with DKs as your weakness to free will make it nearly impossible for you to stand alone against them. In pvp you will want to stay in stage 1 vampirism as often as possible, and restore potions are incredibly valuable to have ready. All in all I have been havin a blast with this build concept.
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