way of the arena and warlock?

where do these 2 items drop? i am specifically looking for rings and amulet for warlock, or do i need to craft them?
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Vr14 sorc
  • Nestor
    Warlock items drop. L15 to L20 ones drop in the first and second zones, VR1 drops in the first Silver Zone.

    VR12 only drop from certain bosses and I think in Trials, but they are very very rare and very expensive. About the most expensive item in the kiosks in fact.

    Bands of Syrbane can get you the same regen with two rings if you upgrade the regen glyphs, leaving you a necklace for more regen or cost reduction or to match with clothing sets. Syrbane is L30 to L35 and VR5
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  • Emma_Overload
    Way of the Arena has to be crafted at Lanista's Waystation in Craglorn. It requires 8 traits researched, by the way. I use it all the time, and it's a great set.
  • BurtFreeman
    warlock: my favorite set, but i never find the signet v12, neither i'm so crazy to buy them.
    i still using the v1 signet on my v14 sorc, becouse i'm lazy in changing set, but they do their job once yellowed enchanted (just a little bit)

    signet of warlock:
    v1 green: you may easily found in guild store from 5000 to 8000 gold
    v12 blue and purple: do not even search, becouse the price do not worth any consideration (from half to 1 million gold: this is blasphemy, this is sparta)
    focus of warlock:
    vi green: easy to find and chip
    v12 purple: you may find it from 12000 to 15000 gold

    way of the arena: there are lot of better sets around.

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