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Kicked from game because it couldn't verify license

I was playing all day today. Pretty much all day since it was released in console....
I had been playing for a few hours when all of a sudden I get a psn notification on the left side that the elder scrolls tamriel unlimited application will close in 15 minutes because it couldn't verify the license. I played and got a 5 minute warning. Played. Then booted. The icon on the ps4 menu screen shows a lock on the icon when I go to click start
Clicking start gives me a blue screen saying : cannot use this content. Cannot connect to the server to verify the license". I can play any other online game on my ps4. I've restarted - same thing. My eso plus membership is only 10 days old. Explorer and imperial pack. This has me quite being wasted. Eso plus time being wasted.
I've read through here and didn't see anything posted yet. It took this from a "can't connect to Internet" thread and answered so we don't have to waste time with you having to post that.
Thanks for the reports, folks! We wanted to ask a few questions. Those who are seeing "Unable to connect to game server. Please make sure you have a valid internet connection."
What platform are you on?
What server are you logging into?
Have you been able to play before?
Were you able to play after seeing this error?
Are you getting kicked from the game with this message or seeing it upon your login attempt?
Are you able to successfully log in on a different server?

1. Ps4
2. U.S.
3. All day
4. No
5. Can't even get to server selection screen. Can't even start the game
  • Vulpecula
    I'll bite with the questionnaire as well and would like to add I'm using a digital copy with content pulled from my PC account.

    1. PS4
    2. US
    3. Yes
    4. No
    5. Cannot login
  • slackmare
    I'm also a character transfer with digital copy
  • Raiker
    Soul Shriven
    Having same issue, only not a transfer. Read somewhere on forums that someone just kept on restarting. Worked for a couple hours, same issue now cannot start again.


    Apparently PSN is partially down, now all my digital games are no longer working (account not set to primary).
    Edited by Raiker on June 30, 2015 7:35AM
  • Raiker
    Soul Shriven
    Confirming was a PSN issue.

    To avoid this,issue in the future, activate your account as primary to your PS4.

    1) Settings
    2) Playstation Network/ Account Management
    3) Activate as Your Primary PS4
    4) Activate

    Or wait for PSN to come back if for any reason you can't activate as primary *cough*accountsharing*cough*.
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