Stacking in ESO

Are you able to stack provisioning ( EX I eat soup for magicka and drink for extended health)
Also can you stack armor as well ( ex all my pieces says i get extra magicka 74 for head 200 for bracers etc etc
  • Violynne
    You can stack buffs that are different, but cannot stack similar buffs. Your example can be done, and both will take, but you can't then follow with "another magicka boost" regardless where it's from.

    Enchantments definitely stack. If you have 100 stamina on 8 pieces, you'll get 800 added to stamina. I should know. I do it often. If the gear I find doesn't give me stamina boost, I enchant it myself.

    Also, be aware the weaker your armor rating, the weaker the enchantment applied is. In other words, if you buy/make a glyph to add 100 stamina, applying it to weak armor will reduce the 100 to coincide with the armor rating. It may turn it into 65, for example, rather than the full 100.
  • Allyhoo811
    Food and drink do not currently stack...In your example, the health recovery drink would replace the buff from the soup if you used it.
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