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UI Error: A week now.

Still happening on my PS4. Every time I log in. Thanks.

User:/SavedVariables/20_Ingame:Lua:unexpected symbol near "}"
Anyone else rooting for Molag Bal?
  • OzJohnD
    It is not a problem, just dismiss and keep playing.

    You can delete the Saved Data file for ESO to remove the message if you want ... its corrupted saved data.

    DONT delete your ESO program file, just the Saved Data file.

    To delete save data on PlayStation 4
    From the PlayStation Dynamic Menu, navigate to Settings
    Go to System Storage Management
    In Application Saved Data, select The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
    Press the [Options] button of the controller on the ESO Save Data
    Select Delete
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  • Mitchblue
    Okay. Thank you very much.
    Anyone else rooting for Molag Bal?
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