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NB Two Hand, Dual Wield, or Bow?

I am considering rolling a NB and am just wondering what the main choices on weapon type are for most. Also, do most people focus mainly on stamina with the other two skills on the back burner or does it all just depend on play style? I would like to focus on just having a high DPS, and also have decent AOE for dungeons. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)
Tacos are awesome.
  • YouAreNotAUchiha66
    Soul Shriven
    (I posted this on another thread but it seems worth re posting here.)

    I play a Khajiit NB vamp assassin/shadow build and love every bit of it. Any of the negatives can easily be negated by some skill upgrades and gear. Here's a idea of how I have been running it and whats been working for me:


    Assassin's Blade (Killer's Blade)

    Death Stroke (Soul Harvest)

    Flurry (Rapid Strikes)

    Shadow Cloak (Shadowy Disguise)

    Teleport Strike (Ambush)

    Veiled Strike (Surprise Attack)


    Arrow Spray (Bombard)

    Bat Swarm (Clouding Swarm)

    Grim Focus (Relentless Focus)

    Mist Form (Elusive Mist)

    Snipe (Focused Aim)

    Summon Shade (Dark Shades)


    Mark Target (Piercing Mark)


    5 pieces of Medium Armor: Hundings Rage
    1 Medium and 1 Light Armor Piece: Night's Silence
    All Weapons: Night's Silence
    Jewelry: Shadow Walker
    Armor Enchantments: All Max Stamina
    Weapon Enchantments: Poison Damage (DW) Fire Damage (Bow)
    Jewelry Enchantments: Reduced Stamina Cost

    Hopefully this helps you out some.
  • Quepo
    Thanks a ton! I really appreciate the info!
    Tacos are awesome.
  • gamsir
    I play an imperial NB. The following is my (at present) lvl 26 NB

    Bow and staffs really don't add any real range because enemies close in very quickly.

    So I only dual wield. Meaning I only use one action bar

    I've put a couple of points into magic, now doing ⅓ health ⅔ stamina build as I'm progressing.

    Before attacking any enemy I cast mark target, which softens the target a bit and returns health when he dies. This application is steathy - the enemy doesn't register the mark.

    For range attack and healing i use strife -> swallow soul
    For further range/multiple enemies teleport strike -> lotus fan for the bleeding effect while taking down each enemy

    Main attack for close combat is flurry -> rapid strikes (spammed for maxed effects)
    Close combat finisher assassins blade -> killers blade for the extra health

    Ultimate is death stroke -> soul harvest, which will be available once every 2 normal enemies you fight (which is awesome!)

    My main modus of attack is basically throwing mark target, the close the distance and do CQC (close quarter combat).
    If more than one enemy; lotus fan for DOT first.

    If higher lvl enemies or higher tier, then swallow soul first for some heal over time.

    If facing a caster or archer that runs or retreat behind others, I can use swallow soul for long range kill that heals over time also. Alternativly just use lotus fan for closing the distance and kill the caster.

    Using only one weapon type 'dual wielding' I can really put a lot of points into passives that support this. So maxing the medium armor passives, dual wield passives and some of the NB specific passives together with imperial buffs, really helps this build.

    You dispatch enemies very fast, and heal yourself up to maybe 50% per kill, and can apply heal over time. So you're not forced to do low damage aoe attacks.

    Being able to put a lot of points into passives early on increase your survivability and effectivenes of your style (meaning higher dps).

    It also gives the opportunity to put some points into crafting or whatever you would want.
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