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Loading SCREEN Stuck

Soul Shriven
I have been stuck on a loading screen for almost 3 hours now. I can't restart the game ... I can't get to a settings page. I have turned off the Xbox One and restarted .... I have no idea what to do. I'm a few days away from the 7 day return policy at EB. Starting to think I have no choice.
  • luzpteb17_ESO
    So you restarted the game and its still stuck on the loading screen?
    Whats the area/mission? Or is it the character loading screen?
  • SURxR3AL
    have you tried unplugging your xbox doing a full reset, that might work?
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  • Gigabyte501st
    Soul Shriven
    I've done everything too. I have been sitting at a loading screen for 20 minutes now. They said it's a known issue though.
  • A5ko
    Same here. Been fine up until 20 mins ago. Stuck on Requesting character screen, occasionally let's me in only for everything to be unresponsive.

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